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Private Rental – Catskill Mountain News Advisory Board Retreat

The Catskills Mountain News Advisory Board Retreat We are thrilled to host the Catskill Mountain News' first Community Advisory Board Retreat! A gathering and meal to define a plan for community engagement. The family-owned paper has been serving our corner of the Catskills since 1902. This year, it has changed hands to another longtime Catskills family, and [...]

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Paddle Extravaganza

A Paddle Extravaganza at Spilli1n! Co-produced by Upstate Adventure Guides and Adirondack Exposure, this will be a week filled with the delights of exploring Catskills streams and reservoirs. Stay tuned for more information but be sure to save the date if you'd like to dip your paddles into magic waters. All of the wonders of the [...]

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Private Rental – Corporate Retreat

We are delighted to host the Joseph Campbell Foundation at Spillian…a grand group of staff and Board members joining together to imagine forward how they bring the work of Joseph Campbell into the world. If you’re in need of a spot for an organizational offsite, meeting, or leadership retreat, click here for lots more information on how you can bring [...]

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Main Street Boot Camp – MARK Project

Save the date! We're delighted to announce that the MARK Project is going to present the second Main Street Bootcamp at Spillian on April 11 and 12, 2016.  This promises to be a very special event - last year's version was a sold out crowd sharing brilliant ideas about how to revitalize our communities through creative planning, [...]

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Booking.com Award 2015

We've won a Booking.com Award for 2015! We're blushing... We're delighted to share that we've received a booking.com award for 2015! We've worked hard to keep guests happy and are among the highest rated venues listing on booking.com in the country. (And are currently listed as Number One in the Catskills by booking.com...) We're pretty proud [...]

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Spillian Pond on a June morning.

https://youtu.be/bpkIBn3ztgg We're excited for snow to come and the Catskills unfold into their deep winter beauty. But our longing for summer is never far behind. This is a lovely moment at the Spillian pond with hermit thrushes last summer, caught by a guest. As you watch and listen, we'd love to share these words with you [...]

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Top Catskills Hotel on Booking.com!

Well, aren't we excited!?! (Happy dances...) Check it out. We've been named the top hotel in the Catskills on booking.com. This goes nicely with leading the way on TripAdvisor as well...we're consistently in the top five inns on TripAdvisor, and have been hanging in at 3rd place for a few weeks... We are of course committed [...]

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Catskills Lodging: Woodstock Times Article on Spillian

Have you seen the wonderful article on Spillian in the Woodstock Times? Here's a little taste: Photo by Dion Ogust, Woodstock Times Enter the 1880s home and one enters a time when summers were spent with the conductor of the Metropolitan Opera trilling away at a grand piano after having walked down a [...]

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