We’ve won a Booking.com Award for 2015!

We’re blushing… We’re delighted to share that we’ve received a booking.com award for 2015! We’ve worked hard to keep guests happy and are among the highest rated venues listing on booking.com in the country. (And are currently listed as Number One in the Catskills by booking.com…)

We’re pretty proud of our staff and are very grateful to our guests for taking the time to say such nice things about us.

Come stay with us! We’re doing mostly group events and rentals at Spillian this year, so get a group of friends or family together and take over the joint! We also do have occasional weekends that we make individual rooms available…actually next weekend, January 22, we have a couple of rooms open!

Skiing is actually finally happening and we are hosting a delightful winter adventure with  Upstate Adventure Guides next weekend – you can sign on for a hike, snowshoeing, skiing, and even pond skating if it stays cold enough this week. The group will go and explore with various guides throughout the day and then will gather at Spillian for a fabulous dinner.

Call us at 800-811-3351 for more information and to reserve your room now! (You’re welcome to stay if your idea of the perfect winter adventure is sitting by the fire all day, too…)