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Forage Your Feast | A Mythic Catskills Weekend
November 2-4, 2018

In this era of illusion, many of us are yearning for realness. For authenticity.

Come to the source and taste some…and bring some home for the holidays.

Spillian is proud to partner with Table to Farm Tours to invite you to come and taste – literally and metaphorically – the terroir of the Catskills and bring it back to your table for your feasting this holiday season.

Join with us as we introduce you to an extraordinary group of farmers who love this land, in all of its beauty and its harshness, and produce food that tastes of all that the Catskills awaken in us. You’ll wander with the inspiring team from Table to Farm Tours to a hand-selected array of Catskills farms, offering the bounty of late fall on a custom designed private tour. You can bring the flavors of the Catskills directly home to your celebrations. Food tastes different when you not only know where it comes from, but also when you’ve met the folks who have brought it into being.

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Mythic Catskills Weekends

Spillian’s Mythic Catskills Weekends are an intersection with the essence of the Catskills: the forests, the mountains, the people, the deep stories that make this place so compelling.

Each weekend celebrates a facet of this gem-like place: its food, its fish and streams, its ringing summer, its snow-spangled winters, its flowing creative life force.

Come for a weekend of grand adventure. Feast. Explore. Hear the great stories and share your own.  Revel in the mythic possibility of the Catskills and find where it sings in your life – and then bring that song back home with you.


Forage Your Feast | What’s Included

An evening of Catskills Flavors

  • A robust farm-to-table charcuterie, including local meats, dairy and vegan cheeses, spring greens, hummus, relishes, chutneys, and more from our neighboring farmers and food producers.
  • A flight of the Catskills finest ciders, beers, and spirits such as Awestruck Ciders, Wayside Ciders, Catskill Brewery, Roscoe Brewery, and Union Grove Distillery, and Delaware Phoenix Distillery.
  • Tales, real and mythic, about farmed and wild food in the Catskills in front of the blazing fire.

Foraging Your Feast on the Farms

  • Begin your day with a gentle guided moving meditation inviting you to savor a sense of place in the Catskills.
  • A Catskills breakfast featuring eggs from Spillian Farm’s ridiculous chickens.
  • A custom Catskills farm tour with Table to Farm Tours, tasting and gathering the foods that speak to your soul and taste buds to inspire your holiday cooking.
  • A lunch at one of our local farm-to-table restaurants.
  • Catskills mulled hard cider cocktails on the porch, and a chance to laze by the fire or on the porch for a bit before dinner, watching the sky change down the valley.
  • A five-course Autumn feast from Spillian’s chef Christian Van Etten, featuring flavors from the farms you visited during the day.
  • Storytelling of the history and legends of the Catskills and its food,  and how it lands our yearning for a sense of place.

Foraging Wild Woods Flavors

  • A Spillian breakfast.
  • Foraging in the pines on Spillian’s property, pine tea and a lesson with Christian on how to to make his butternut squash tortollini with brown butter & pine syrup sauce
  • A gathering on Spillian’s porch for a farewell toast.


Saturday Feast Menu!

We decided that we needed six courses…

Course One
Autumn Green Salad
with pickled red onion, julienned apple & beet leather, and goat cheese

Course Two
House Made Butternut Squash Tortellini
with brown butter and pine sauce, garnished with garlic mustard pesto

Course Three
Coq au Cidre
a Catskills take on coq au vin with hard cider, a splash of Courvoisier and mushrooms, and parsnips, served wild rice pilaf

Course Four
Roasted Baby Eggplant
with mushroom risotto, topped with peppernade, balsamic reduction, garnished with microgreens

Course Five
Braised Short Ribs
Slow cooked with orange, all spice, and wild thyme, served with rutabagas poached in champagne, baby carrots, and potatoes confit

Course Six
House made apple tart, celeriac ice cream and black walnut praline

We are proud to share produce, meats, cheeses, condiments, and drink from:
La Basse Cour, Sap Bush Hollow Farm, Barber’s Farm, Burnett Farms, Two Stones Farm, Harpersfield Cheese, Dirty Girl Goat Dairy & Microcreamery, Hubbell Family Farm, Tree Juice Maple Syrup, Catskill Brewery, Awestruck Ciders, Scrumpy Ewe Cider, Wayside Cider, Union Grove Distillery, Prohibition Distillery, Buck Hill Farm, Bebert’s Moroccan Condiments, and Spillian Farm.



Full weekend fee includes all sessions including guided farm tour, meals; Catskills ciders, beers and spirits tasting; and lodging at Spillian.. Evening cash bar, purchases on farms, tax, and gratuities not included. Click here to learn more about our splendid guest rooms!

Full Forage Your Feast Weekend For One: $595
Per person, single room occupancy.

Full Forage Your Feast Weekend For a Couple: $895
For the couple, double room occupancy.

Saturday Forage, Feast & Festivities: $165 per person
(Join us for the farm wander, dinner, and tales around the fire. Please be at Spillian by 9:45 for a 10 AM departure.)

Saturday Feast & Festivities: $55 per person
(Join us for the feast and tales around the fire. Cash bar cocktail hour begins at 6 PM, dinner at 7 PM.)


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