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We are delighted to host Lydia and Jim’s wedding at Spillian…a glorious group of friends and family joining together for an intimate  weekend to revel in love and life and possibility.

If you’re thinking about getting married, click here for lots more information on how you could bring your deepest dreams to life at Spillian. We’ll be delighted to talk with you!

Spillian is about imagination. About joy. About a deep savoring of what we hold most dear and what we most passionately wish for. It is a place that was created for family and celebration, and has gracefully welcomed generations of guests as they open their hearts to one another.

In this tradition, Spillian is a place for a very special kind of celebration. Of weddings that echo with the unique stories of the couple and their beloveds, that mark a beginning of how they imagine their lives will weave together. We are delighted to make Spillian available for a limited number of weddings and special celebrations each year, and invite you to imagine a wedding that most captures you and what you wish your future together will bring.

From intimate gatherings of 30 guests to groups of 125, casual to elegantly formal, and even themed (Spillian speaks to history and fantasy beautifully), we will work with you to craft a celebration that echoes with a sense of place, of belonging, and of delight.

Spillian isn’t a traditional wedding venue and doesn’t have a specific set of rules about how your wedding should look or feel. As a place that celebrates imagination, we are thrilled to imagine with you, co-creating an extraordinary event that echoes back who you are together as a couple, as an extended family, and as a community. What are you dreaming? Some of what we’ve dreamt into being with wedding couples already: a Russian winter wedding worthy of Tchaikovsky, a gathering from Middle Earth, a foraged forest joining, a Celtic hand fasting… Let us dream with you.

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