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Catskills Weddings at Spillian

All of our guests commented in our guest book about “what a magical place” our wedding was..but Spillian is so much more than a “place”. Sitting in The Four Seasons room, putting on my wedding dress, with my best girls helping me, I wondered how many brides shared the same nerves, joys, tears and restlessness to walk down that grand staircase? How many couples kissed and embraced in front of that fireplace? How many conversations, toasts & laughs were had at that grand table? Spillian is not just a gorgeous mansion. Its a collective energy from all the people who have reveled there. And I am blessed we were able to leave a little piece of ours there.
– Laura Krukowski, 2016


Spillian is about imagination. About joy. About a deep savoring of what we hold most dear and what we most passionately wish for. It is a place that was created for family and celebration, and has gracefully welcomed generations of guests as they open their hearts to one another.

In this tradition, Spillian is a place for a very special kind of celebration. Of weddings that echo with the unique stories of the couple and their beloveds, that mark a beginning of how they imagine their lives will weave together. We are delighted to make Spillian available for a limited number of weddings and special celebrations each year, and invite you to imagine a wedding that most captures you and what you wish your future together will bring.

From intimate gatherings of 30 guests to groups of 100, casual to elegantly formal, and even themed (Spillian speaks to history and fantasy beautifully), we will work with you to craft a celebration that echoes with a sense of place, of belonging, and of delight.

How your Catskills wedding at Spillian might unfold:

spillian a place to revel

Celebrations and Special Occasions

What do you celebrate?

What are the moments in your life that are most worth celebrating? Marriages, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, retirements. And sometimes, the moments that the universe seems to have opened up for us in new ways that we don’t think to savor. The launch of a grand new idea. The moment when all of the kids are finally out of the house. Or the moment when they all can actually gather again, once scattered. A promotion or change of careers. Or even those moments of ending – sometimes they are worth honoring as well.

In a world that moves too fast, Spillian offers a chance to slow down for a weekend (or longer!), gather your community around you and revel in what is glorious about your life. We’d be delighted to talk with you about how we could help you mark the moments that are meaningful to you.  Perhaps it’s a shared group ceremony and celebration to delight in a new sense of purpose and direction. Perhaps it’s a grand party with a Preservation Hall Jazz Band to mark the end of a marriage and the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Or perhaps it’s simply a gathering of the tribes to revel in one another. What would your perfect celebration weekend look like? As a note – we occasionally have availability to host a one-day event, but these are generally limited to Sunday evenings, as we have almost always have programs or groups in from Friday to Sunday midday.

Let us know what you’d like to savor. We’re here to help you imagine past what you think is possible.


spillian a place to revel

A Taste of Spillian Weddings

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