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SpillianFest 2018:
Music from the Hollows

Saturday, July 14 • 4 to 10 PM

Bill Duke & the Hyzer Hillbillies
Yard Sale
Dylan Doyle Band

Advance tickets: $15/adult • $7.50 child
• Door tickets: $20/adult • $7.50 child 

• Dinner a la carte from $3 to $5 each item
• Cash bar



The Magic

They say that sometimes on a summer’s evening, when the wind is just right, you can hear music drifting out of the Catskills hollows… It can break your heart and can make it whole again. And it can set your feet to dancing as if they’ve got their own will. This year, you can find your way to Spillian’s hidden meadow and find that music for yourself.
Songs of toil, of love, of hard-won joys, thrumming with the life of this land and of the people who have made it home. Three bands, forged from these mountain’s rocks and dirt, from sunshine, snows, and blooming hawthorns.

• The high lonesome tenor of Bill Duke and the Hyzer Hillbillies.
• The twanging wit of the mountain men of Yard Sale.
• The wipe-your-soul-clean driving blues of guitar-phenom Dylan Doyle and his band.

Come for the music of the Catskills. Come for the music of us.

SpillianFest 2018 Catskills Picnic

• The much praised and nearly world-famous Spillian Trout Taco
• The Spillian Veggie Taco (all that and with chipotle cauliflower instead of trout!) (vegan)
• Beer & Onion Grilled Brats with sauerkraut
• Catskills smoked local street corn on the cob (vegan)
• House made tangy slaw (vegan)
• Spillian Maple Caramel Corn (vegetarian)
• Marshmallows for the bonfire (sinful)

SpillianFest 2018 Cash Bar

• Local beer from Catskills Brewery:  Ball Lightning Pilsner and Floodwatch IPA
• Beringer wines: Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon
• And of course, Catskills Hurricanes

SpillianFest 2018 Schedule

• 4 PM Doors and bar open
• 4-6 PM Bill Duke and the Hyzer Hillbillies
• 4:30-6:30 PM SpillianFest Picnic (Until we run out of food!)
• 6-8 PM Yard Sale
• 7 PM Lighting the Bonfire
• 8-10 PM Dylan Doyle Band
• 9-10 PM Marshmallows for the bonfire

Please…no outside food or drink, no drugs, and no dogs. Thank you!

Spillian’s Meadow

Three years ago our first SpillianFest introduced the public to “The Meadow, ” our gorgeous outdoor stage built into the old stone foundation of one of the original Spillian buildings. It was a revelry attended by more than 500 guests. Since then our magical meadow has hosted weddings, workshops, and gatherings. This summer, we’re thrilled to introduce a new rustic pavilion, handcrafted from trees from the property.


The Music

About Bill Duke and the Hyzer Hillbillies

A local favorite folk and bluegrass group, led by Bill Duke and his high lonesome tenor.

The Hyzer Hillbillies caught their name rolling down Hyzer Hill in Delaware County, and finesse a combination of covers and original songs including the hit single “Hickster Man” on guitar, banjo, harmonica, various things to drum on, and the occasional shovel. Hey, it’s Delaware County! There are two rocks for every dirt…everybody needs a shovel…



About Yard Sale

Roots experimentalists in the tradition of the Band, Neil Young, Dr. Dog, and The Avett Brothers, Yard Sale’s fluent playing and roughhewn, uncorrected vocal virtuosity often transcends folk, approaching the sop

histication of casual chamber music, but always in the service of sturdy, eccentric and emotionally stirring songs. Like the best of today’s smart indie Americana artists (including some of their Team Love Records label mates), Yard Sales plays freely with American myth, haunted spirits, and weird old styles but does so in a way that is less studied, less groomed, and more stylistically inclusive than many of their steadfastly retro peers. Learn more! 


About Dylan Doyle

Southern born, Northern raised , Dylan Doyle has been steeped in everything from Bob Dylan, Wes Montgomery, and Bill Withers to John Prine, Jimi Hendrix, and The Band.  From this comes a unique musical interpretation that lies somewhere within the delta of Roots, Rock, and Jazz, giving him a style that defies classification. Touring nationally since age 15, Dylan became a seasoned professional at a very young age.  He has played with such notable musicians Rob Stoner (Bob Dylan, Don Mclean), John Platania (Van Morrison, Natalie Merchant), Ben Cauley (Otis Redding) and Bill Payne (Little Feat).  Stoner called Dylan one of the most prodigious players he has known with abundant natural talent.  John Platania has referred to Dylan as “The Future.”  Ben Cauley, after playing with Dylan in Memphis said, “Dylan Doyle sounds like a young Jimi Hendrix.”  In the words of Bill Payne upon sharing the stage, “Music is a conversation.  Dylan spoke beautifully and was listening to the musicians around him.  His play was imaginative and original. Attesting to Dylan’s versatility, Dylan has played the King Biscuit Blues Festival three consecutive years as well headlining the Grateful Garcia Gathering, the largest Grateful Dead festival in the Midwest, and consistently packs houses around Europe and the United States.



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