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Regenerism on the Radio

Join Spillian Co-Founder Leigh Melander, Ph.D. and special guests John Boecker and Tom Keiter of 7Group as we dive deep into the world of renegerism — a next-generation way of thinking about sustainability, place, essence, and how systems work as a whole.

If nature is our source for learning how to think systemically about whole living systems and our role in serving the transformation of those systems, we must understand the ecological worldview that humans are a part of nature, not apart from it.  At Spillian, we are engaging with John and Tom as coaches in an amazing regenerative master planning process that has been designed to build the capacity and capability of all of us (as members of communities) to experience how development can be an instrument for healing, not just doing less damage.

We’re offering a workshop in February that will use Spillian as a lab to go deep into how we can define the essence of a place, its stakeholders and what geniuses they bring and need in a whole-system, and how we can translate this to our lives, our communities, our work, and our play. And most importantly, why that matters. This is powerful stuff.

You can learn more about John and Tom and this workshop here! 

But in the meantime, please join us Tuesday morning on @WIOX Radio 91.3 FM and streaming worldwide on wioxradio.org  on Tuesday, January 5, 2016 at 9 AM ET for what promises to be a powerful, evocative conversation about place and how we imagine it.


About Myth America

Join host Leigh Melander, Ph.D., and her guests from around the world as we explore the powerful, evocative mythologies that inform who we are.  Myths are the stories that we tell and the stories that tell us.™
They are the metaphors that shape our imagination of the world around us.

The ancient Greeks said that myths were the things that were most and least true simultaneously. Far from just being a lie, myths pulse in the background of all of our lives — our selves, our families, our communities — we tell ourselves stories about all of them. What are the myths we’re living in and how are they living in us?

Myth America. 9 AM ET on WIOX 91.3 FM or streaming at http://wioxradio.org/
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