Your Hero’s Journey® Redux: A Mythological Toolbox® Playshop.
July 10-15, 2016
At Spillian: A Place to Revel

Do you dare to re-imagine yourself? Are you hungering for a quest? Want to get rocked right out of your socks and change your life?

Join JCF President Bob Walter for Your Hero’s Journey® Redux: A Mythological Toolbox® PlayShop this July.

Five days of inspired, inspiring, creative, chaotic, joyful, and challenging play at the extraordinary historic Catskills creative retreat center, Spillian: A Place to Revel.

Together we will recall our dreams, rekindle visions, and discover the myths we are living by through drawing, dance, story-making, song, masks, medicine bags, silliness and deep imagining of our own hero’s journeys.

The Mythological Toolbox® uses the deep wisdom of myth to poke a proverbial finger in the mix that is the way you look at yourself, your goals and the life you want to dream into being. Join us in this magical, mythical summertime ritual of rebirth. It can change everything.

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A few words from folks who’ve joined the Mythological Toolbox® quest in the past:

The week I spent discovering and experiencing the Mythological Toolbox®
Playshop was personally transformative and collectively magical. I was
beyond delighted to find that not only was I safely guided through a
private exploration of my own childhood stories and monsters (and felt
like I had an abundance of free time to go deeper into any of those
revelations I wished), but also experienced so much play, love, and just
plain fun within the group. I leave feeling personally renewed, seen,
loved, refreshed, awaken, and better suited to play on through my everyday
“normal” life. – Liz Maxwell
As I bask in the warm glow of our recent experience, I find myself
marveling at the set of mythological tools that I came away with which I
will gladly use to light my path forward. – Greg Shaw

Get ready for a great time. I’ve attended this workshop three times now
and always come away feeling inspired and empowered. — Tyler Lapkin,
L.Ac., Lake Tahoe, CA

This mythological toolbox workshop has helped me to give narrative to my
personal journey so far, and offered the perspective to move forward in a
more integrated way. — Evelijn Forrest MA, UK

I left this amazing week with renewed purpose and energy. I recommend this
workshop to anyone wanting to say “yes” to the vitality that comes with
the adventure of being who you truly are. — Bill Maxwell, Cape Elizabeth,