Spillian Presenters

If you are an individual presenter or organization that is interested in presenting at Spillian, we would be happy to talk with you.
We have a wide variety of presenters booking our facility, including movement instructors, life and business coaches, health consultants, body workers, professional performance coaches, and more. 

There are several different ways we might work together.  Each of these models has a slightly different set of criteria.
Please contact us to discuss how your plans and Spillian might fit one another.

Presenting at Spillian

Spillian Programming | Co-Sponsorship

For Individual Presenters: If you are a presenter in the fields of creativity, mythology, story, psyche, the arts, or sustainability (or something that you feel would slide in there somewhere) and have a national or international following or access to a strong organizational partnership with a sizable audience, we would love to talk with you about potentially programming you as part of the Spillian produced season, as a featured presenter and/or a co-sponsored presenter.

For Organizational Co-Sponsors: We are happy to co-sponsor events with organizations. If it is an event we are producing, we don’t generally ask much from our organizational co-sponsors other than an agreed-upon marketing and outreach effort and the use of organization name and logo for the event. If you are interested in producing the event, read on, we have two options for you.

Presenter Programming | Co-Sponsorship

For Individual Presenters: If you are building an audience, we would be delighted to speak with you about the potential for you to contract with us to underwrite the costs of an event (you rent the facility and we agree on pricing for food and other amenities). We could offer a co-sponsorship arrangement where we would include your event in our public calendar and in our marketing efforts  if everything aligns.

For Organizational Presenters/Producers: If you are interested in producing or co-producing as an organization with Spillian as opposed to simply co-sponsoring, we are delighted to talk with you to explore if your vision is a good match for Spillian and how we can approach costs and revenues so that each organization  benefits.

Presenter Private Rental

We are also happy to offer Spillian to presenters and workshop leaders who are looking for a private location to work with their clientele. In this case, we prepare a rental package agreement with you for the facility, food, and any other amenities you desire, and we block out the time in our calendar, but we don’t market your event as a part of our season.

This is perfect for presenters who have a specific clientele with whom they work, and who aren’t interested in an event that is open to the public.

Even if your event is private, we are of course delighted to discuss sharing information about you and your work in a general way if you are interested and your work aligns with Spillian’s mission.

Interested in presenting or co-producing? Let us know what you're dreaming.

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