The Spillian Process

How we help you imagine past what you think is possible.
Dreaming your dream forward for the event that can change your life.

Planning a Custom Event at Spillian

Spillian offers a chance to dive into the magic of the Catskills and your group in your own fully staffed superb, private lodge. But Spillian is, at its essence, far more than a place to escape the world. It’s more than a place to have a special event or a group retreat.

It’s a place that changes lives.

At Spillian, we help people imagine past what you think is possible so you can leap back out into your life and dream a better world forward.  We help you revel in your time together in this special place so you can celebrate the essence of who you are as an individual and as a community.

We have some splendid ideas about how you might shape your escape with us (check them out here), and we are delighted to bring any of those to life for you. However, if you’re looking for something extra special, we’re really excited about creating a custom event with you that is uniquely yours.

Spillian co-founder and visionary, Leigh Melander, has a doctorate in cultural mythology and psychology and has worked with individuals and organizations around the world to help find their stories and rituals. And our co-founder and designer, Mark Somerfield, is an acclaimed lighting designer and seasoned production manager of live performance of theater, ballet, and opera, and is a master at shaping a sense of place.

Here’s how it works.

Together, we go deep with you as you are imagining your event at Spllian, engaging in a creative coaching process to help you articulate what you’re longing for – to experience, to feel, to taste, to learn, to share your ideas and your lives.

From there, we explore the metaphors that emerge from your ideas and we design a superb custom experience for you and your group. How do you want people to come together? How can all of the ingredients of your time here – food, music, laughter, exploration, celebrations, learning, creation – all coalesce into event that evokes your genius and inspires you to share it with the world?

Contact us to find out how Spillian can change your life. And how you can change the world.

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