Special Options for Your Stay

Spillian has an international community of presenters and facilitators with world-class skills available to make your magical event happen, as well as contacts to a dazzling array of local activities and services. Ask us for more details and share your own ideas!

Special Flavors at Spillian

Spa Services

Body Work

Massage, reiki, and more, from über talented practitioners. They can give you a gentle fluff or pound you hard and rearrange your cellular structure, whichever feels dandy to you.


We have great stylists who make house calls! Hair, make up, and straight-edged razor shaves for the gentlemen dreaming of a more gracious time. We can make you feel pretty. You’ll be singing. And pitying anyone who isn’t you.

Mind Expansion

An array of learning and thinking experiences, in the mansion or on the grounds, designed to give you and your tribe a spark of energy and ideas. Light, fast, funny, delightful. Some flavors include:

• A Spillian hillside guided ramble and forage
• Facilitated short workshops on creativity, imagination and entrepreneurship
• Guided property tours exploring Spillian’s history
• Cooking classes with our extraordinary chef
• Wine and spirits tastings



Have a favorite genre? We can find it for you! We have an antique Steinway baby grand, a concert grand harp, and contacts with superb professional musicians from the Catskills and beyond, from opera to bluegrass. And we’ve got a most exquisite stage down in the Spillian meadow for listening or for dancing.

Tarot readers, Magicians, and Other Eccentricities

If you’re yearning for an off-the-beaten path bit of entertainment, we’ve got the answer! From tarot and rune readers, to extemporaneous poets, or sleight-of-hand musicians, we can find you the best in the unexpected.

A Classic Bonfire

In our glorious Spillian meadow, we offer hand-built bonfires, which of course come with s’mores makings, both traditional and Spillian-style with artisanal chocolate, hand made marshmallows and graham crackers.

High Style Catskills Picnic

In our meadow, picture yourself and your crew at picnic tables, the bonfire ablaze, and a woodland feast laid out in a style worthy of Teddy Roosevelt. With silver candelabra, linens, and more.

Cigars and Port on the Porch

The Spillian porch is, we believe, the finest porch ever built for the art of staring into space, thinking big thoughts. We’ll put together a superb array of cigars and port or brandy to top off your evening there. (Sherry works, too, by the way.) (And chocolate.) (But chocolate works for pretty much everything.)

Hike the Spillian Heartwood

We’ve got some lovely gentle trails through moss-covered forest that make for a lovely wander and we are happy to guide your experience. And there are times throughout the year that we can forage on the mountainside. For example, in the spring, the invasive garlic mustard makes a wonderful pesto. Or simply bring a journal, a sketch pad, or a camera, and catch a bit of Spillian’s magic to take home with you.

Wander the Catskills

Into the Woods

Whether you’re dreaming waterfalls, views, swimming holes, a power hike up to fire towers, or a lazy ramble through the woods, we work with the very best licensed hiking guides in the area, who specialize introducing our guests to the spots that no one else knows about.

Onto the Water

Fly cast the world-famous trout stream of the Catksills, canoe or kayak on the Pepacton Reservoir or Big Pond, go tubing on the Esopus…Whatever your water dreams, whatever your skill level, our licensed guides can get you launched.

On the Snow

Cross country skiing, showshoeing, ice climbing – the Catskills abound with opportunities to play in the snow and our licensed guides can help you build magic adventures.

Touring the Countryside

Say the word and we can get you set up for an exploration of the Catksills. From farm or distillery tours, foraging expeditions (for wild plants or antiques), or guided discovery of Catskills myth and history, we can help you pull back the veil on this mysterious, enchanting place.

Your Own Chariot

And we can offer shuttles or limos for your transportation needs to, from, and around the area. Let us know if you need help getting from the city, from the train station in Rhinebeck (a gorgeous ride along the Hudson), or need help getting guests to all points Catskills, just let us know.

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