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The Leavening: A Mythic Catskills Weekend
June 7-9, 2019

An extraordinary history. An extraordinary vision of the future. And yeast. All in one rollicking, evocative, flavorful weekend.

Leavening: Leavening: a substance used in dough to make it rise. And, even more to Spillian’s point, a quality or element that permeates and modifies or transforms something for the better.

Join us as we evoke the exquisite era of Spillian’s founders, the  Fleischmann family, and their wide-flung community of artists, leaders, makers, and imaginers in a celebration of community, culture, food, and the 150th birthday of Fleichmann’s Yeast.

Take your place  the creative energy that has been emerging from the Catskills for over a century as we throw a birthday bash for a company that changed how America ate, and a family who changed how we imagine ourselves. Let us be leaveners together, and imagine how we will help the world rise.

With music, art, conversation, dreaming, the inspiration of history and community, and food, glorious food. A feast of flavors inspired by the Fleischmanns Vienna Bakery in New York City in the era that they spent summers here. And baking. With yeast. Of course.

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Mythic Catskills Weekends

Spillian’s Mythic Catskills Weekends are an intersection with the essence of the Catskills: the forests, the mountains, the people, the deep stories that make this place so compelling.

Each weekend celebrates a facet of this gem-like place: its food, its fish and streams, its ringing summer, its snow-spangled winters, its flowing creative life force.

Come for a weekend of grand adventure. Feast. Explore. Hear the great stories and share your own.  Revel in the mythic possibility of the Catskills and find where it sings in your life – and then bring that song back home with you.

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