//Spillian Stars in Natuza Video!

Spillian Stars in Natuza Video!

We’re delighted to share Spillian starring in a new video by Subprime Pictures as a launch for an innovative product called Natuza. We’re pretty tickled… If you’re interested in using Spillian as a place for your film, video, or photography shoot, please contact us! We’d be delighted to speak with you.  Call 800-811-3351.

Supper Time from Subprime Pictures on Vimeo.

From Subprime Pictures:

Natuza is a high-tech steam cooker that pairs with high-end meals you can order online. Natuza contacted us at a very early stage of their development, asking us for a video that would explain how the machine works but also define a brand image. The machine that you see in the video was their prototype. Natuza used this video as a press release when they launched the product, as a “how it works” on their website, and as a social media campaign.

From Natuza’s founder:
The treasure of my childhood.
From as far as I can remember, I see myself talking to these winter magic beans that hung beneath their green franc foliage, biting into the hot sun tomato, which was lounging on its foot the second before, stargazing the eyes of my mother to whom we offered in a basket the treasure of the garden.
I loved our gourmet and family meals, this French practice where it is celebrated the most important moments of life. These festive meals where we practice the art of “eating well” and “drinking well”. Those which focus on being well together and the simple pleasure of taste, and which create harmony between humans and productions of Nature.
I pulled on the pink apron of my mother and grandmother, antique “mama cookers” reigning over their cauldrons under an overwhelming bondage to lick with my finger the remains of this profusion.
There was laughter, color, there was taste.
This lifestyle, this “Art de Vivre, ” I named it Natuza.
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