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Spillian Radio… Two weekly radio shows celebrating myth and imagination.
Thought-provoking, challenging, and sometimes just plain silly. Join us!


Spillian Radio

Myth America

Myths are the stories that we tell and the stories that tell us.™ They are the metaphors that shape our imagination of the world around us. The ancient Greeks said that myths were the stories that were simultaneously most and least true. Far from just being a lie, myths pulse in the background of all of our lives — our selves, our families, our communities — we tell ourselves stories about all of them.  Join host (and Spillian co-founder) Leigh Melander and her guests from around the world as we explore the powerful, evocative mythologies that inform who we are.  

Tuesday. 9 AM ET on WIOX 91.3 FM & streaming world-wide
Have a topic or guest idea you’d like to share? Let us know!

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The Reveling Radio Hour

Also hosted by Spillian co-founder Leigh Melander, the Reveling Radio Hour is a variety entertainment exploring how to imagine past what you think is possible, a whole host of imaginary characters such as the Queen of Frivolity and her Aunties  who stop by and make trouble… Each week, the Reveling Radio Dancers tap out a tableau of the week’s Just That Side of Crazy Big Idea — a thought, big or small, practical or philosophical, about what it takes to make wild ideas happen, based on the book that Leigh is writing about the adventures opening Spillian. Think part Prairie Home Companion, part Mountain Stage, part Ted Talk. With imaginary helpers.

Sunday. 5 PM ET on WIOX 91.3 FM & streaming world-wide
Please share your own wild idea! What crazy thing would you like to make happen in the world? Let us know and we may highlight your dreams on the show.

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These shows are an experiment in conjunction with WIOX Community Radio, exploring the intersections in between content and support in true community-based radio. Stay tuned! We will be sharing episodes as podcasts shortly.

About WIOX

WIOX-IO logotransWIOX Community Radio is the Catskills region’s wildly diverse, live and local radio station blasting its signal throughout the western New York City Watershed at 91.3 FM and to the world at wioxradio.org. A proud community partner of upstate New York NPR/PBS Affiliate WSKG Public Media, WIOX broadcasts programming that is user generated, by, of, and for a hyper-local and growing worldwide audience of volunteers and contributors. 

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