Spillian Mission: Revel with us.
Imagine past what you think is possible..

The word Spillian is Old English for “to play, to jest or to revel.”

Spillian is a portal for imagining, grounded deeply both in a sense of place and of play. Our dream is that everyone who engages with us will step back into their lives empowered to bring creative energy into their work, their relationships, and the world.


A portal for imagining…

The word Spillian is Old English for “to play, to jest, to revel.” Spillian Partner Leigh Melander wrote her dissertation on frivolity as an opening into imagination, and the word “frivol” comes from the same root as “revel” and “rebel.” And, incidentally, her mother’s family name is Spillers… It’s in her DNA to create a place where people can revel in a little rebellious creativity!

The Spillian Mission: we seek to create physical gathering place where people can revel in new ideas, possibilities, and experiences within a vibrant, sustainable business model. Our main goals as a business are as follows:

  • To create an internationally acclaimed creative center that incites imagination as it celebrates its stakeholders, its history and its natural surroundings.
  • To offer innovative programming that expands personal and organizational possibilities through retreats, workshops and special events onsite; through the radio show Myth America; and via an in-the-works online learning site.
  • To create a profitable and sustainable company that strengthens the local economy as it bridges the gap between learning, creativity, and commerce.

In our first four years, we’ve brought thousands of guests to the mountain, and thousands of dollars to the local economy. We’ve built partnerships with extraordinary individuals and organizations around the region and around the world. We’ve launched two radio programs, and a regional grassroots tourism project, Catskills Trout Tales. And we’ve brought a really special property back to life, even as we are dreaming its next layers. We are currently engaging in a powerful visioning process with Spillian Fellows John Boecker and Tom Keiter of 7Group, building a cohesive plan for the property that captures the essence of what Spillian is and can be for all of its stakeholders, from co-creators, to audience, to investors, to neighbors, and even to the landscape itself.

Spillian is becoming an internationally recognized force in global work on personal, cultural, and regenerative imagination, bringing energy, visitors, and opportunities to the Catskill Mountains.

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