//Spillian in Love: Our favorite picture of Andy and Daniel

Spillian in Love: Our favorite picture of Andy and Daniel

Spillian in Love…a series of blog posts capturing some of the most special moments of the weddings that have happened at Spillian. This picture of Andy and Daniel from summer, 2015 is so worthy of this list! This picture captures such an essence of their relationship – and the quiet, delighted love that sat underneath a truly grand wedding, bringing together family and friends in genuinely moving ways. These wonderful pictures were taken by Shawn Brackbill.


andy and daniel spillian LR


Weddings at Spillian

We are not a typical wedding venue – actually, we don’t even really consider Spillian a wedding venue, per se! As a place that celebrates imagination, though, we’re finding that weddings can be an exquisite marking of one of the most hope-filled, imagination-filled days in people’s lives, as they imagine their future together. We are having a blast helping people make this happen!

We work with couples to create an experience that reverberates with who they are that day and who they want to be together. We see weddings as a beginning rather than an ending (which is easy to slide from, honestly, when you’ve been planning a big event for a year or longer) and invite our couples to dive deep into the symbols, stories, and connections that have meaning for them. While the party is grand, of course, the parts of the wedding you’ll most remember are the parts that reflect your own uniqueness and dreams as individuals and as a couple. Helping people find these is an extraordinary pleasure and honor.

If you’re interested in a wedding at Spillian, please click here to learn more! We’d be delighted to speak with you.

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