//Lots Happening at Spillian!

Lots Happening at Spillian!

olddrumBeat the drums! Sound the horns! We are excited to announce our late fall and early winter programming at Spillian!

We are offering some wonderful holiday events, including:

  • A “Forage your Feast” weekend and other culinary adventures to prepare for Thanksgiving…
  • A whole array of celebrations of Christmas, reaching to meet those archetypal longings we have during the holiday season, from singing carols and telling stories to exploring the mythic origins of the holiday to a sledding and bonfires…
  • A New Years ball
  • A writing retreat in January designed to get you ready for eBook publication on a short piece of writing so you can get your work out there…
  • Soup Sundays, evening workshops, and Music at the Mansion on Monday evenings…
  • A wine and yoga weekend, a weekend of herbs and stories to banish the winter blues, design-your-own personal retreat weekends, and more!

Visit our Events Calendar here to find out more about each of  our scheduled events!

We also have some wonderful programs cooking that we’re still arranging on the calendar, including:

  • The beloved David Miller, Ph.D on Psyche and Poetry
  • A Mythic Toolbox weekend workshop by Bob Walter, Executive Director of the Joseph Campbell Foundation
  • Dreaming: A Workshop, exploring dreams from a mythic/depth psychology perspective, complete with using fabric paint to paint our dreams on pillows and pajamas
  • Meet the Muses, a weekend exploring the creative and mythic origins of creativity itself and how we can metaphorically invoke and evoke the muses to bring our own creativity to life…
  • Fools Gathering: a meeting of the minds (in April, of course) around a particular idea or concept, as we bring our best ideas together in a jointly created conference, celebrating our own superb wise foolishness. These were a well-loved tradition in the first Californian iterations of Spillian.

Stay with us as we continue to shape our schedule for the next year! After this long period of getting Spillian up and running as a facility, it is so exciting to be able to finally bring the programs we’ve been dreaming about to life!

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