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Leigh Melander Blogging on YourTango – Spillian’s Co-Founder

Now Blogging on YourTango!

Spillian Partner and Founding Fomenter Leigh Melander, Ph.D. is jazzed to be blogging on YourTango. She’s been invited to contribute as an expert blogger on media site (and Google partner) YourTango.com. Here’s a bit about YourTango:

YourTango is the premier media company dedicated exclusively to love and relationships.

We present compelling, brave, and thoughtful editorial that inspires, nurtures, informs, and entertains. We have created an interactive platform where our community of users, brands, and the world’s leading relationship experts connect and engage where it matters most: the heart.

From her first article, So Not In Charge Of My Life: 6 Devious Ways Socks Torture Us:

Life’s battles are rarely won or lost by grand gestures. The little things take us out. Like socks.

You’re a reasonably successful person. You’re gainfully employed. You adore your husband and he thinks you’re pretty okay, too. You’re nice to cats. You keep your house fairly clean. (Well, that’s a lie.) (But everything else is true.)

And yet, even the most careful and responsible among us can be tortured by the lowliest of belongings, straight from the clammy hands of Dobby the House Elf. We can be tortured by our socks.

Socks, you say? Yes. Socks.

Read on…

She promises that she will actually write some serious articles about how to bring your wild idea to life soon, but silliness struck. (Probably a knee jerk reaction because someone called her an expert…it instantly brings her to foolery.) But she’s pretty darned excited about this opportunity, and will be writing a bunch about the coaching work she’s doing helping people make their dreams happen. (Check out her website and a free eBook on how to name your fears right here…)

If you’d like to follow what she’s writing there, bookmark her profile page on YourTango. And leave a comment on one of her articles!

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