//On Grief and Creativity

On Grief and Creativity

meeskawindowWe are enchanted with the art of possibility here in the heartwood of Spillian, and what the creative process can bring. Sometimes we get challenged really to live by what can feel like easy, flippant statements about how to do that. Today, we lost a little duck at our farm, who had more personality than a lot of people I’ve met, and who has me musing on love and loss. Thought I’d share the poem I wrote as I was trying to breathe through my sorrow about losing her. I suppose there is something inherently ridiculous about writing a poem for a duck, but she would have gotten that, I think. I urge you to shape your thoughts into words if you are grieving. It does matter.

Requiem for a Duck
This loving
Flashing as it spins
Like an old copper penny
From delight to
Burning loss
With no concern
For fairnes

Loving wildness
Means, always,
That heads-down,
Pierced, broken.
As surely
As a beloved bird
In the impersonal talons
Of a spring-hungry hawk

I hope she tasted
How sweet a bird
She stole from me
And noted the taste
Of my heart

Leigh Melander
April 2, 2014
For Meeska the Duck, herself a poet.

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