/Where can I learn about upcoming workshops and retreats?

Where can I learn about upcoming workshops and retreats?

IMG_1953You can learn about upcoming workshops and retreats right here on our Imaginarium page!

Spillian is proud to offer a growing array of programs.  For example we offer special dinners, performances, retreats and workshops on imagination through a variety of lenses. We are extraordinarily lucky to have an ever-expanding community of world-class artists and teachers who come and share their joy in imagination with our guests.

We have a couple of traditions building, like SpillianFest every summer — a glorious combination of BBQ and fabulous live music in our meadow.

We are constantly updating our calendar, so please check back! And please join our mailing list to get the latest booking news, special deals, and other cool info (we promise not to bombard you with emails).

Come for an evening of fabulous food, or a salon conversation, come for a weekend workshop to charge up your imagination, or even a week-long immersion to change your life. Come and imagine past what’s possible with us.


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Send us a message about what events you'd like to attend, and we'll contact you in no time. And let us know if you have an idea for a workshop!

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