/How does my full facility rental work at Spillian?

How does my full facility rental work at Spillian?

reeddinnertableWe are thrilled to offer our guests a full-service stay at Spillian when you come for a full facility rental. This level of service is one of the things that makes Spillian so unique, as you will be staying in your very own private lodge with all of your staffing needs met.

We have an onsite, private chef who can build you custom meals in a gorgeous commercial kitchen, a full liquor license, and just the right staffing to meet your needs, including event planners, wait staff and bartenders. And we have an overnight concierge who stays on the third floor — out of your way, but available for questions and support for anything you might need. The Spillian mansion is a unique, historic place with lots of layers! Even our guests who want the most privacy are delighted to have our concierge on hand so they don’t have to worry about managing the estate; our staff is quite remarkable in their ability to be available without becoming a part of your event.

We also offer special programming choices, both onsite and offsite; fully-themed weekends, and more, for small personal and business groups and larger groups for life celebrations like weddings. From live music to massages, floral arrangers to hiking guides, cooking classes to wine and spirits tastings, just ask us – we have an extraordinary community we can bring to the party.

Please ask us about some of the very special facilitated sessions that we offer! Spillian is a place about imagining past what you think is possible, and we are particularly delighted to share some of our creative play about pushing past the barriers in your life with our guests. Our co-founder, Leigh Melander, Ph.D. has worked with hundreds of people around the world to help open their sense of possibility.

You can learn more about your full facility rental at Spillian here.


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