/Do you rent to overnight guests at Spillian?

Do you rent to overnight guests at Spillian?


Do you rent to overnight guests at Spillian? The answer is sometimes!

While we have truly enjoyed our B&B guests over our first two years of business, we are increasingly moving towards our main goals of making Spillian a center for imagination. As such, we are generally booked up with programs or private celebrations most weekends.

We do, however, occasionally have a weekend where we have individual rooms available — usually as part of a special weekend, like Trout Tales,  a celebration of all things trout in late March before the season opens, or SpillianFest, a Blues & Eats extravaganza in midsummer; in the quieter season of late winter or early spring; or on the rare occasion that we have a last minute private event cancellation. We sometimes have weekdays available as well. Or please consider joining us for one of our workshops!

We’re always delighted to talk with you, so please call us at 800-811-3351 if you’ve got questions about availability. If we’ve got space available, we’d love to have you come and stay.


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