/Can we use Spillian’s kitchen?

Can we use Spillian’s kitchen?

image2Sometimes our guests ask if they can use Spillian’s kitchen.

We have a fully licensed commercial kitchen, and heartily encourage you to ask us about how we can create amazing meals for you before you assume that you’ll carry the responsibility of feeding your clan. Often, our guests assume that they’ll be cooking, but when they learn about how we do food at Spillian, decide that they’d love to have some amazing custom-designed meals presented by a private chef! Our prices are surprisingly close to what you’d spend on food for your group without cooking, and coming to Spillian and not having to care about anything is becoming one of our guests’ favorite elements of their stay. We don’t often get to live in the luxury of having our own private staff…it can be truly addictive!

That said, if you are really excited about cooking together, we’ll get you set up with the support you need.  Our chef and kitchen team are delighted to work out a plan with you to ensure you have a wonderful set of meals. This plan ranges a bit depending upon what you’re dreaming, so please ask us for specifics when we plan your stay.

We have great relationships with local farmers and food producers and can work with you to build custom menus of pretty much anything your heart desires.

We also offer cooking classes and group-building cooking opportunities that could be a special part of your event. We’re finding that guests love this choice as well — it gives them a chance to play in the kitchen, learn something new, and then share the feast. Our kitchen staff is extraordinarily creative and can meet you with virtually any idea you’ve got about what you’d like to cook. We can even bring you out to the local farms to forage your own feast!

To learn more about the extraordinary food happening at Spillian, click here.


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