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Working Gatherings

We are honored to welcome the staff and Board of Directors of the Joseph Campbell Foundation for their annual organizational retreat.

The perfect location for your business event: meetings, intimate corporate & organizational retreats, and leadership gatherings. A private, elegant, anything-but-institutional setting, Spillian inspires connections, conversation, and ideas. 

Come for a day for an extraordinary meeting or come for several for a retreat that can change how your organization walks in the world in a very special Catskills corporate retreat. This estate brings focus and a sense of possibility. And these mountains invite adventure and powerful connections. We’d love to share them with you.

We can help you bring together your community. Dive deep into your organization’s story or craft a new one. Bring a new vision of a new product to market. Find common ground with team members. We’ve had a wonderful collection of organizations already take advantage of Spillian’s magic, including international social justice and economic development non-profits; arts organizations; real estate companies; record labels; recording artists; film and photography shoots; publishing companies; environmental organizations; and more. Is your organization next?

Let us know your needs. We’re here to help you imagine past what you think is possible.

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