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Intro to Meditation Practice

Curious about meditation? Tried it before but looking for another chance to dive in? Here’s your chance at a very special Intro to Meditation Practice class.

Spillian is delighted to introduce Brynn Yeager, an American Meditiation Society Certified teacher, as she offers a 2 hour dive into meditation on Monday, July 27 from 10-12.


About the Class

Meditation is a simple and effortless process where you connect with the silence and peace within yourself. You connect with a deeper level of yourself, the stillness within, and gradually over time, you begin to live from a place of steadiness and inner peace.

A meditation practice is beneficial in many ways including reducing stress,normalizing blood pressure, enhancing creativity, and much more. Meditation is a way of reaching and directly experiencing the depths of who you truly are, taking you from a limited, conditioned mind and into your heart.  Practices are taught step-by-step, and you are led gently and gradually based on your own experience. This intro class will give you the tools to continue on the path toward full practices or a good base for a regular practice.

This two-hour course will be an intro to the basic practices taught by the American Meditation Society. AMS offers full practices that are well balanced and designed to accommodate those with a busy schedule. The full practices include a range of practices that promote balance through opening the heart and focusing the mind. In this course, we will be covering a basic relaxation technique and mantra meditation. All levels of meditators are welcome!

Monday, July 27 from 10 AM to Noon
$10 suggested donation. 
(Half for AMS and half for the instructor; Spillian is delighted to donate our space for this event!)

About AMS

The American Meditation Society is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to providing meditation classes and meditation techniques that are personalized. A range of instruction is available including meditation for beginners to advanced practices that are designed for the individual.



About Brynn Yeager
Brynn Yeager

Brynn Yeager is completing her bachelor’s degree in Community Based Mindfulness, Meditation, and Creativity through the College Scholars Honors Program at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. She is the president of the Mindfulness and Meditation Clib on her campus and is also a member of Boss Dance Company, a student run organization. During the academic year, she is the Marketing Photographer for the Clarence Brown Theatre. She is also a dancer, teacher, board member, and choreographer for Momentum Dance Lab, a local adult modern dance company in Knoxville. Her goal is to open a community center in Knoxville that focuses on mental health through meditative practices, with the goal of serving the undeserved in her home town.