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//Your Hero’s Journey® Redux: A Mythological ToolBox® 2017 PlayShop
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Your Hero’s Journey® Redux: A Mythological ToolBox® 2017 PlayShop
Sunday Evening, July 23 to Friday afternoon, July 28
Facilitated by Robert Walter, President of the Joseph Campbell Foundation

Bob Walter, Mythological Toolbox®

Robert Walter, President, Joseph Campbell Foundation

Do you dare to re-imagine yourself? Are you hungering for a quest? Want to get rocked right out of your socks and change your life?

Join JCF President Bob Walter for Your Hero’s Journey® Redux: A Mythological ToolBox® PlayShop this July.

Five days of inspired, inspiring, creative, chaotic, joyful, and challenging play at the extraordinary historic Catskills creative retreat center, Spillian: A Place to Revel.

Together we will recall our dreams, rekindle visions, and discover the myths we are living by through drawing, dance, story-making, song, masks, medicine bags, silliness and deep imagining of our own hero’s journeys.

The Mythological ToolBox® uses the deep wisdom of myth to poke a proverbial finger in the mix that is the way you look at yourself, your goals and the life you want to dream into being. Join us in this magical, mythical summertime ritual of rebirth. It can change everything.

A Little Background

The birth of the Mythological ToolBox® emerges from an annual gathering on Joseph Campbell’s birthday. As he celebrated, he would explore Carl Jung’s wondering, “What myth am I living by?”— and when he realized that he didn’t know, writing “I took it upon myself to get to know ‘my’ myth, and I regarded this as the task of tasks.” He concluded, “That’s what a birthday is for.”  Since 1988, after his death, friends and newcomers to Campbell’s work have been gathering to celebrate life and explore ‘their’ myths. Eventually these festivities were dubbed “A Mythological ToolBox” to acknowledge that familiarity with Campbell is not needed to retool the myths that shape one’s life — though a sense of humor certainly helps.

In what is emerging as a rich tradition at Spillian, we are delighted to offer the fourth Mythological ToolBox® PlayShop at Spillian in 2017. This is an intimate, luxurious adventure into Campbell’s ideas and your own mythologies, with a small group and fine food in an exquisite place.

The workshop is facilitated by our good friend and colleague Robert Walter, Joseph Campbell’s editor for a decade, president of the Joseph Campbell Foundation, and a poet/playwright with several decades of experience as group leader, teacher, publisher, and theatrical producer/director/designer. Come and experience the Hero’s Journey® in creative, chaotic, joyful, and challenging play.

Campbell Mythological Toolbox®

Joseph Campbell, 1904-1987

Our mix of individual, small-group, and collective activities will provide opportunities for both reflection and expression. Who were you? What mise-en-scènes inspire your biographical saga? What treasures have you banished to the basement or secreted in the attic? Who are you? What’s displayed in your home or dangling from your rearview mirror? Who do you aspire to be? What face do you envision in the mirror? What remains on your bucket list? If you dare to revision yourself, then join our summertime rituals of rebirth. Please bring a meaningful but expendable totem and an unsung story or evocative song.

Recommended reading: Campbell, Myths to Live ByThe Hero with a Thousand Faces, and The Power of Myth.

The Hero’s Journey® and Mythological ToolBox® are Registered Trademarks of the Joseph Campbell Foundation.


Your Hero’s Journey® Redux: Mythological ToolBox® 2017 Playshop Workshop Schedule

This workshop is five days long,beginning on Sunday evening, July 23, at 7 PM and concluding Friday, July 28, after lunch.

• Hero’s Journey® Redux attendees are welcome to arrive any time Sunday afternoon after 3 PM.
• Please bring comfortable clothes and shoes.
• Morning yoga or meditation class on the porch or in the meadow.
• We also can arrange an in-room massage for you at $100 for 60 minutes. Please make arrangements with us for this when you make your reservations.

Workshop Fee: $795  ONLY $695 plus tax if you book before May 30, 2017. Includes all programming, materials and meals. Please stay with us as well; we have marvelous rooms available. 

If you’d like to stay with us, we currently have three rooms available. You can learn more about them here.
• The Secret Garden Room
• The Klimt Room
The William Morris Room

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