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The Escape You’ve Been Dreaming

Looking for an extraordinary way to gather your friends, family, or colleagues? Spillian offers an all-inclusive, luxury private lodge on acres of forest: a custom private rental in a museum quality historic property that you can relax into and create memories you’ve been yearning for. 

We welcome groups of friends, colleagues, family members for an all-inclusive weekend or a week at Spillian. Our chef and staff are on hand to make your stay utterly effortless! Relax, challenge yourselves and your imaginations, and revel in being together. Whether your dream is slow-paced porch-sitting punctuated with feasting and silly games in the library or an expansive weekend exploring the Catskills or a project together, Spillian embraces its visitors as family. Remarkable things happen at these gatherings!

  • We can host up to 20 overnight guests onsite, and can accommodate more daytime guests who are staying elsewhere for meals and any activities you’re dreaming. (We’re happy, by the way, to help you find additional lodging.)
  • We can build custom menus with you, from picnics to formal feasts, and will have staff to concierge your experiences throughout your stay.
  • And we offer virtually limitless choices  of special experiences, from spa services to guided adventures throughout the Catskills, informal workshops and cooking classes, wine and spirit tastings, and more, or simply the chance to read that great book you’ve been wanting to get to as you sit in front of the fire.

What’s your Catskills dream escape? We’re here to help bring it to life. 

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Some Additional Ideas For Your Stay

We can completely custom-design a themed retreat/re-charge for you, based on your group’s interests, delights, and goals. Here are some offerings to get your creative juices flowing…and please don’t hesitate to ask about your own ideas.

Camp for Grown Ups

Jonesing for the good old days of camp without poison ivy, homesickness, and that roommate who snored? We can evoke the delights of your childhood camping experiences without the traumas, grown up style.  From art classes, to writing, movement, hiking, boating, fishing, theater, whittling, foraging, biking, cooking…to whatever you’re dreaming of with the nostalgia for real or imagined sleep away camp, we can craft a most splendid weekend for your group that will invite your imaginations to bubble over in Catskills camp delight. With superb food, star gazing, stories around the bonfire, grown up s’mores with handmade chocolate…this is what camp should have been.

The Days of Wine and Yogas

Looking for a fantabulous weekend of yoga with a twist? We offer epicurean yoga, pilates, and other movement classes, inviting superb guest teachers from the region, and pair it with marvelous wines from around the globe. (Answering the perennial question, what wine goes best with Downward Facing Dog?) Want to add in a little sybaritic bodywork, too? We’re on it. We’ve got a marvelous collection of folks working who can get your body speaking to you again. Without guilt. Or haircloth shirts. Just a touch of what’s good for you in amongst a bit of sybaritic relaxation.

Trout Fishing in America

This is the Catskills you’ve dreamt of, with the superb stillness of being in communion with the mighty trout.  Stand on one of the pristine creeks in the Catskills, fly rod in hand, forests rising green around you, and you’ll understand how these mountains birthed American fly casting. Bring your group for a special weekend all about the trout – with world-class licensed guides to help you perfect your cast, stories and myths of the fish, and after dinner of your fresh-caught trout, tall tales on the porch or at the bonfire with a superb glass of scotch, become the fisher king.

The Great Gatsby

Some grown ups still really, really, really like to dress up and play. We’re there with you. Join us for a Great Gatsby weekend with all of the right foods, spirits, music, and entertainments… Sip your gin rickey as you savor your cigar on the front porch after you’ve destroyed your competition at croquet, get beads flying as you dance the night away at a Saturday night Speakeasy Ball, and wonder if that really was Nick Carraway you saw out of the corner of your eye.


Where are you heading next? One the most exciting and terrifying spots we land throughout our lives is that place where we can choose to leap into a different direction. Gather a group of friends to dive into where you might head next. With superb facilitation, seriously good food, chances to dream and laugh, and find a sense of exquisite focus about your next steps. For men, for women, or for both together.

A Perfect Winter Escape

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