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Your Hero’s Journey® Redux: A Mythological Toolbox PlayShop

Your Hero's Journey® Redux: A Mythological Toolbox PlayShop July 13 - 18, 2014 Join us as we welcome Joseph Campbell Foundation President, writer, theater artist, and educator Robert Walter leading us on a spectacular five-day romp into the process of your Hero's Journey® in the spirit of Joseph Campbell… This is a workshop Bob has [...]

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Outdoor Classroom for NY-NJ Trail Conference

We are Delighted to Announce a New Partnership! Spillian is  the newest Outdoor Classroom of the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, offering a series of their FREE courses on trail stewardship. NJNYTC is an inspired organization that works with volunteers to create, protect, and promote over 2,000 miles of trails in the greater metropolitan NYC [...]

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On Grief and Creativity

We are enchanted with the art of possibility here in the heartwood of Spillian, and what the creative process can bring. Sometimes we get challenged really to live by what can feel like easy, flippant statements about how to do that. Today, we lost a little duck at our farm, who had more personality than [...]

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Venetian Valentine’s Masquerade February 15

Venetian Valentine's Masquerade February 15 Join us for a second extraordinary gala in support of the Phoenicia International Festival of the Voice. Our first event in November was a glorious evening, and everyone who wasn't able to attend have been asking for another opportunity to don elegant duds and celebrate the Festival at Spillian. So, [...]

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Breakfast, Spillian style.

Jessica Vecchione, of Vecc Videography, shot this quick little video of breakfast at our recent event with David Miller. (That's the Nicole Day Gray, of Agriforaging, who helped us get our kitchen up and flying, making spectacular egg wontons and other breakfast treats...) She and Jessica are working together on a new television series, NY [...]

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