Bring Spillian Home!

Taste, feel, imagine, remember, learn…
bring a little bit of Spillian home with you to savor 
until the next time you can be here!

Coming Soon!

We are having a blast designing, choosing, and making an array of treats for you to bring home with you.

…Some grand flavors from our kitchen, capturing the magic of our evocative Catskills cuisine

…Plush terry robes (just like the ones in your room!) to wrap yourself in Spillian’s embrace

…Books and journals and stationary and mugs and…

We’ll be launching Spillian mementos in 2017 so you can bring Spillian home with you…stay tuned!

And please feel free to call us at 800-811-3351 in the meantime if you’ve got questions or ideas of things you’d like to see.

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