Borcht for a Wedding

Borcht for a wedding: food can be a powerfully creative way to connect family and traditions.

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of hosting Boris and Cindy’s wedding. Cindy’s family is from Korea; Boris’ family from the Ukraine. One of many delights of the weekend (the biggest by far being the wedding couple themselves!) was a chance to get creative with food.

Our chef Chris McGee studied Russian Literature in undergraduate school and lived in Moscow for a couple of years, so he is at home with food from that part of the world. He was inspired by some Asian cooking he’d done while in NYC a while back, so together with Cindy and Boris, he came up with a Korean/Ukrainian fusion menu for the wedding dinner!

An amuse bouche bit of soup to start — borscht. With locally grown beets. And vegetarian, to boot. Glorious.

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